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Welcome to VP Electronic, a company dedicated to the repair of consumer electronics products,

 SIREN 823 088 521

 SIRET  823 088 521 00013


The company is new since it was created in October 2016. It specializes in the repair of vintage equipment such as HIFI, radio, while keeping prices realistic thanks to a small structure. In a world where everything is access to consumption, even overconsumption, our goal is to keep prices low regardless of the equipment to be repaired. On the same principle, we repair office and laptop computers, whatever their age.

Quite often, these machines are largely enough to run common applications: email, film, music.Their obsolescence is therefore relative and their price of resale derisory: so keep them to exercise these basic functionalities.

The composition of the workshop also makes it possible to repair equipment that is much more complex and specific to the radio.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of seismic reflection for petroleum research, we are authorized to repair Sercel equipment such as the SN408 and SN428.

These repairs can be carried out in our workshop or in customer intervention, requiring travel abroad with a complete mobile workshop.