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I spent more than 18 years in seimic industry working as Senior Observer and Instrument Technician. I did my job in all kinds of environment : desert, swamp, tropical forest and so on.
Nowadays, i still work in the industry as consultant or to repair Sercel SN408/428 field equipment. Since may 2017, VP Electronic has been equiped with top of the art instrument to do so : TMS428 and FPDA428.Thanks to this equipment, it is possible :
                                                             - diagnose SN408 and SN408 field equipment default,
                                                             - check the repair that has been done in my workshop,
                                                             - calibrate units before shipement to client,
                                                             - rebuild of links regarding the number of FDU428 and their positions,
                                                             - update all field equipement.

                   TMS428 2TMS atelier 2 

Thanks to the FPDA 428, it is easy to diagnose faults on the links and thus determine the fault FDUs, but also the faulty cable sections. The sections thus identified pass to the reflectometer which will make it possible to accurately position the fault on the cable but also to measure the loss of this section before the fault. Thus, depending on this measurement, it will be repaired or changed in order to avoid any possible transmission problems along the line.
The cable will be repaired through a cold spliced, using only high quality 3M products.

All of these activities are carried out in my workshop but can also be deployed on the crew or at the facilty of your choice.
I guarantee the lowest price thanks to my unique structure and lightness as well as an incomparable reactivity.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Inside the Recorder Cabin. Under the desk, the generator control box and the two IBM ZPro stations hosting the eSGA and 428.

The inverters were out of service and the generator was not stable after more than one year of shutdown: before starting the acceptances tests of the 428, it was imperative to solve these problems.

The recording truck and its generator.

The SN428 field equipment had been stored straigth after the pick up, without having been tested or even cleaned.
Each link was initially tested at FDPA428 and then connected to the batch recorder by batch of 20. Once the test was successfully completed, they were cleaned and wrapped in the proper way. In the event of a test failure, the link was repaired and reintroduced into the batch. 

Sercel NOMAD65, five of these machines were present and were rehabilitated. The synchronization tests were a little long to realize because the cables antennas, and the aerials of the recorder truck, had been destroyed when moving the truck to the warehouse.