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 Seismic without radios is just impossible...

Radios are everywhere. In all vehicules for safety reasons, to start sweeps in vibroseis operations or to take shot with dynamite. In many countries radios are considered as sensitives, making their use delicate in regards to local laws and regulations and even buying them is difficult. This is why, when they are in operations, you want to keep them at the top level. Doing so means having a expensive proper maintenance department. VP Electronic does the job for you from programing to installing radios in your vehicules. For blasting radios, VP Electronic ensures the timing regarding manufacturer and contract requirements, are respected. All installations are performed with top of the art equipement such as ROS meter, wattmeter and Virtual Network Analyser. Installations can be done on temporary basis like for rental vehicules. In this case, radios are mounted without drilling holes and cables path are also removable to minimize damages to vehicules.

VP Electronic repairs radio as well from all major brands : YAESU, Vertex, ICOM, Motorola, CODAN. Have a look at the workshop page to see the equipments available to troubleshoot radios.



Few examples of some jobs done at the workshop :


Tokyo High Power HL200-V50: VHF 200W amplifier.

No sensitivity in reception. This amp is equipped with a
preamplifier broadband for the VHF. Using a Mini VNAPro,
I was able to obtain the input and output response curves
of this preamp: 0dB on the whole band. Therefore, the
problem could only come from the double-gate FET which no
longer held its role of amp ...



   KENWOOD TS440S :  SSB receiver.

    On this post, everything has been done: keyboard rehabilitation
DOT problem, PLL, BF amp and even EEPROM!