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  • The workshop consists of conventional equipment such as desoldering stations for through and surface components (CMS), welding stations Pace and Weller

  • Four oscilloscopes are used, three Tecktronix and one Schlumberger. Tecktronix 468 is used as a component tester.

  • Radio-specific instruments

Racal 2202R: universal oscillator frequency meter / meter with Rubidium.

The Racal 2202R is frequency-meter with 3 inputs with a maximum frequency of 1.3GHz. An intelligent combination of frequency value and period measurements gives the nine-digit resolution for ALL frequencies covered (<0.1Hz to 1.3GHz). It measures: Frequency A, Frequency B, Frequency C (with Option 41), Period A, Monte / Fall Time A, Time interval One to B, Total Count, A / B, the Maximum Amplitude.

Agilent 8656B: Signal Generator 0.1 to 890MHz

The amplitude accuracy of the generator is of the order of 0.1 dB for an output signal which can extend from -127 dBm to + 13 dBm. Possibility to modulate AM or FM internally (400Hz or 1kHz) or by external generator.

IFR500A: Radio test bench

AM and FM signal generator. Sensitivity of 2μV in AM, FM and BLU receiver mode. Built-in BF generator, variable from 10Hz to 10kHz. Measurement of frequency errors at 1Hz resolution.

LEA EHD36: distortiometer

The EHD36 combines the functions of millivolmeter decibelmeter and harmonic distortiometer. Its particularity is the low rate of distortion measurable at full scale: 0.03%, and this, up to a frequency of 110kHz.

Racal 9008A: modulation meter

Frequency range up to 2GHz for a variable amplitude of 10mV to 1V.