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The repair of PCs, but also radios and other devices, require more and more sophisticated equipment to adapt to the technological evolution of integrated circuits. The appearance of BGA (Ball Gate Array) type circuits has only increased this need. Indeed, without a professional rework station, the repair can only be difficult or impossible. The choice of VP Electronic turned to JOVY. The JOVY RE7550 is an integral infrared (infrared heating) station with temperature control <1 ° C. The station has two heating elements for a total power of 1.1kW.

1re7500 1

The Jovy Re-7550 rework station for infrared BGAs allows for :

  • Rebuild the following components: SMD, BGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, μBGA etc.
  • Rebuild lead-free and lead-free fittings.
  • Heat the targeted components without damaging the related components.
  • Choose or create your own welding profiles, adjusted locally and precisely thanks to a thermocouple provided.
  • Grasp the components using the suction grip tool provided.
  •  Follow the process in real time on computerFollow  

VP Electronic does not practice, or exceptionally, the reballing which consists of desoldering the component to reimplant after reworking welds on it. Indeed, if this practice can be justified by the fact that some of these welds break due to the many thermal shocks suffered, proceed in this way has disadvantages.
The first is that it is difficult to know if the fault comes from a solder defect or the component itself. Only a test after rework would say it. But this attitude is time consuming, not to mention that often we do not dip the rest of the equipment to perform the test. Moreover, by a purely logical principle, as much has changed the said component ... since it is desoldering!
This also avoids reimplanting a used component that will have suffered thermal stress after reballing! In addistion, the new components are ready to use, so no reballing to do, direct soldering on the PCB.

For these reasons, VP Electronic only replaces BGA with new components. The placement on the PCB is easy to do thanks to the laser pointing device.


Another benefit of the JOVY RE7550 is customer support. If JOVY develops thermal profiles to be applied according to the type of circuit to be reworked, their Customer Support remains available for the particular cases and can thus help you to define the appropriate profile. The execution of a profile is always followed by camera. This tool makes it possible to visualize the moment of the melting of the weld. Thus, it is not necessary to add stress to the PCB: we can "suck" the defective component and proceed to the cooling of the PCB.


Obviously, the flow of the profile and the evolution of the temperature are followed in real time on a computer.


Some examples of the work done :

IMGP0279  IMGP0281  

IMGP0282  IMGP0283